The BioPsychology Toolbox

A free, open source Matlab Toolbox for the control of behavioral experiments

The major aim of the project is to provide set of basic tools that allow programming novices to control basic hadware used for behavioral experimentation without limiting the power and flexibility of the underlying programming language. The modular design of the toolbox allows portation of parts as well as entire paradigms between different types of hardware. In addition to the toolbox, this project offers a platform for the exchange of functions, hardware solutions and complete behavioral paradigms.

Cite the BioPsychology Toolbox where any of the toolbox-functions are used or results obtained using the toolbox are published as follows:

Jonas Rose, Tobias Otto, Lars Dittrich; The Biopsycholoy Toolbox: A free, open source Matlab-toolbox for the control of behavioral experimentation. Journal of Neuroscience Methods (2008) 175:104-107.


Concerns about timing in MATLAB? See our Wiki for more information about timing.


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